Wi-Fi Is A Silent Killer

In the modern world we all get addicted to internet. This gets simpler with the WiFi use. We surf from any place, regardless conditions.

But if we talk about safety, the routers have some strict norms for the health. and we will reveal facts about these wireless devices and safety of the routers.

First, see how the device gets connected to the router with no cables. The wireless gadgets like laptop, tablets, cells all emit WLAN signals or EMWs to the router. Such loop signals are bad for us. The British Health Agency said these signals harm animals and humans both.

The bad things from WiFi:

  • Harsh and chronic headaches
  • Focus issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Ear pains
  • Fatigue

We know that we cannot change this fact. No need to avoid surfing, but at least see these advices.

  • Disconnect Wifi before sleeping
  • At home use cable phones for less waves
  • Never keep the router in bedroom or kitchen
  • Wifi must be off when you do not use it, this prevents waves around kids

Source and image source: organichealthcorner.com